What is Property Flipping?

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Property flipping is when a property purchase is completed purely to sell the same property quickly for a profit. Its aims? To take advantage of any increase in potential value by making improvements or renovations that can be completed relatively fast in order to facilitate a quick house sale.

How to flip properties

The process of property flipping involves 4 steps and whilst everybody would be at it if there was always money to be made, it is a property scheme that requires a lot of thought. You could find yourself wasting more money than you make if you don’t apply the right effort to it.

Assessing the market, weighing up costs, looking at the desirability of the area and understanding the potential tax implications all need to be weighed up. In addition, you shouldn’t forget how long it may take to find a buyer and the costs that could also include.

Research and Acquisition

Successful property flipping begins with thorough research. Utilising some of the points we made above flippers identify potential properties and weigh up the probability of success.

Ideally, they look for properties that will deliver high-profit margins, typically focusing on distressed properties, repossessions, or undervalued homes. Sometimes though that high margin isn’t achievable so flippers may look to “home-ready” properties that can promise a quick sale due to the desirability of the area and rising demand on the market.

Renovations and Enhancements

Once a suitable property is identified and purchased, the flipping process moves on to renovation and enhancement. This can be a significant outlay so needs to be factored into any budgeting before committing to a property project.

Property flippers will invest in repairs, upgrades, and cosmetic changes to improve the property’s overall appeal and market value. This could include updating kitchens and bathrooms, fixing structural issues, clearing and landscaping gardens, or modernising the interior design.

Where possible, the flippers will also look for opportunities to increase square footage by applying for planning permission and increasing the value of the property with lease extensions.

Timing and Advertising

Timing plays a crucial role in property flipping as flippers aim to sell the property as soon as it is ready and when market conditions are most favourable. It must be understood that the property market can change quickly so monitoring the trends is important if you want property flipping to be successful.

Effective advertising of the property is key. Good staging, and high-quality photography, with listings on popular property portals, will help attract potential buyers. Increase the kerb appeal as much as possible and convert passers-by into prospects!

Selling and Profit

The final stage involves selling the property at a price that maximizes profit. Flippers aim to recoup their initial investment and expenses while generating a considerable return. The profit margin depends on various factors, including how much the property was bought for, the renovation and extension expenses as well as market conditions.

Occasionally though, after all the hard work the market very quickly stagnates and instead, the easiest way to flip is to sell to cash house buyers so you can get the sale completed no matter how the property market is behaving.

Property Flipping in the UK

Property flipping has gained popularity in the UK due to its potential for substantial financial rewards. However, it’s important to note that the UK property market is diverse and dynamic, with regional variations and changing trends.

Flippers need to stay informed about market conditions and location-specific factors in the areas they are buying and selling in. In addition, it pays to fully understand all legalities surrounding property such as how soon can you sell a house after buying it, stamp duties and the disclosures you must make when selling property in the UK.

Anyone planning to flip property also needs to take into consideration their financing options. Interest rates can quickly turn what looks like a profitable property into a loss maker. You need to keep your eye on all these factors to make a fully informed decision as to whether the property offers flipping potential.

Should you flip property?

Property flipping at first glance can appear to be an easy way to make some quick money in the property market. However, buying properties and selling them can and will involve financial outlay. Making strategic improvements and finding a buyer at the right time is no easy task.

It is crucial to approach property flipping with an investment mindset think about, “What is my outlay?”  “What return can I expect?”  “When will the property be ready to sell?”

This involves careful planning, market knowledge, and realistic expectations. Remember, property flipping involves financial risks, market uncertainties, and the potential for unexpected challenges.

If you are considering property flipping, conduct thorough research on the area you are buying in, do a comparison with similar properties in the street and find out how quickly properties are changing hands in the area.  If you are unsure seek professional advice, and ensure you have the necessary resources to navigate the process successfully.

Want to sell your house quickly?

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And if you don’t feel your house is up to the standards needed for a sale, remember, we buy any home, even if you haven’t finished the improvements, haven’t been able to obtain planning permission or secure a longer lease.

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