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Secure the sale of your property portfolio with a cash offer from Gaffsy.

Are you a property owner interested in selling a portion of or your entire property portfolio? Whether you’re looking to retire or want to convert your assets into cash, we have the expertise to assist you. Gaffsy recognise that not every property investor has a predefined exit plan, so allow us to handle the entire process on your behalf when you choose to sell.

Selling property investor portfolios

Selling property investor portfolios

Gaffsy specialise in helping landlords and investors sell their portfolios quickly and efficiently. Regardless of the location, condition and tenancy status of your properties, we can provide you with a cash sale.

Whatever your reason for selling your portfolio, you are in safe hands. Our years of experience in the property industry have seen us dedicate a large volume of time to landlords and investors, recognising that navigating a buy-to-let sale can be more complex compared to a single primary residence. We are members of the National Association of Property Buyers and The Property Ombudsman, testament to the successful sales we have secured for clients.

From valuing your properties to completion, you are involved every step of the way. You can swap bricks and mortar for cash, completely on your terms.

How can Gaffsy buy my portfolio with cash?

As a cash house buyer, we have the funds available to purchase your portfolio from you directly. This mitigates the requirement of any third party, thus avoiding the pitfalls of the open market. It also saves you from having to pay sizeable agency fees, meaning you receive the full amount offered. We even pay your legal fees.

We know that investors typically have to sell properties separately when wanting to decrease the size of their portfolios or leave the property business. It can be time-consuming and frustrating. This is why Gaffsy are happy to provide a cash offer for your entire portfolio, or the selection of properties you’d like to sell. Instead of waiting for multiple offers and conducting numerous negotiations, you can sell your portfolio to us as one transaction.

Our ability to buy your portfolio for cash also means we can offer fast and flexible completion dates. It is as simple as you telling us your timeline and the Gaffsy team putting that plan into action.


Get a free cash offer

Our portfolio sales process starts with a free cash offer. Call us on 0207 459 4546 and one of our portfolio property experts will be on hand to help you. This cash offer is no-obligation, and you are welcome to change your mind at any time before a final offer is accepted. Gaffsy will confirm your details and a cash offer will be presented to you quickly.

Top Tip: Be wary of any cash buyer that claims to provide a guaranteed sale for close to 100% of market value. Anyone offering 90%, 95%, 100% is NOT offering a ‘guaranteed‘ cash purchase of your portfolio. They are offering to ‘sell’ your portfolio (not to ‘buy’ it).


Consider our cash offer

Once you have received our cash offer in writing, you can take some time to think about it, or give us the green light if you’re happy. If you have any queries, our team are waiting to take your call or email, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

Provided that you are satisfied with the cash offer, we can then continue the process by arranging for a member of our team to visit and view the properties you’re selling. This can be arranged within 24 hours of you accepting our offer. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not ask you to sign anything before viewing (in fact, we do not require you to sign anything until exchange), so you are free to walk away at any time.

Top Tip: A genuine cash house buyer shouldn’t make you sign any contracts until exchange. You should be wary of anyone who asks you to sign a ‘lock-in contract’, ‘RX1’ or wants to put a ‘restriction’ against your properties with HM Land Registry.


In-person valuations

A member of our team will visit each of your properties and conduct an in person valuation. Unlike our competitors, we never charge for viewings. Our team will inspect the properties and ensure the details and internal condition are both as understood from the initial call. Gaffsy will then confirm the cash offer for your portfolio.

Top Tip: Reputable cash buying firms do not charge any fees. Beware of any cash buying companies that make you a verbal offer, but insist you pay for their surveyor’s valuation before they’ll put an offer in writing. They will usually phrase it as a ‘refundable payment for valuation’ which sounds fine – it’s ‘refundable’ after all. However, because the money is only refunded if you accept their offer, this system is wide open to abuse.



Upon acceptance, we instruct our solicitors to start the legal process. We cover all your legal fees, so that you receive the full cash amount offered. Whilst the properties are with solicitors, a member of our team will liaise with you to discuss a completion date. We are completely flexible and can arrange the sale to meet your timeframes.

Top Tip: Cash buying companies will generally pay your solicitor fees. That also means that they should cover any up-front instruction fees rather than asking you to make an initial payment.

Top Tip: A reputable cash buyer should never offer you in house solicitors; whilst many will legitimately offer to recommend you to a firm, the firm should always be independent and SRA regulated.


Exchange and completion

On exchange day, you will have to sign the contract for sale and TR1 form. The completion date is also formalised. We put down a 10% deposit and are legally bound to purchase the properties on completion. Gaffsy is also one of the few cash house buyers that offer same day exchange and completion.

When completion day rolls around, the sale is finished, and you will receive the money from our cash offer accepted previously. Congratulations – you have sold your portfolio!

Top Tip: A genuine cash house buyer should be able to complete with 7 days. Anyone asking for longer is likely to be agenting your portfolio.

Will Gaffsy buy any property portfolio?

There are no limitations when selling your portfolio to Gaffsy. We buy any portfolio, regardless of the location, size, condition and tenancy status of each property. If you want to sell your portfolio, we can give you a cash offer. We have purchased portfolios that contain properties:

Sell your portfolio today

Sell your portfolio today

Whether you want to sell a portion of your portfolio, or every property, Gaffsy can guarantee you a sale. By using our own cash funds we can buy your portfolio from you directly, providing a seamless service that meetings your requirements.

We will be able to provide the best and most realistic cash offer for your portfolio. With the ability to complete in as little as 7 days, you can sell your portfolio fast, with zero fees or commission. For a no-obligation portfolio cash offer, simply get in contact with us today.

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Sell property portfolio FAQs

We know that selling your portfolio for cash may sound too good to be true. However, we have helped many landlords and investors liquidate their property portfolios. You undoubtedly have extra questions, and we have included some of the most common questions we get asked below. However, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for further information.

Gaffsy are committed to helping our clients obtain the best and most realistic price for their property portfolios. Before making our offer, we work closely with our clients, understanding their needs and goals, and leverage our industry expertise to ensure that portfolios are priced fairly and accurately.

Get a Free Cash Offer

The time it takes to sell a property portfolio is dictated by the client. As we can purchase property portfolios directly for cash, we can complete the transaction in as little as 7 days if required.

Get a Free Cash Offer

There is no mandatory requirement to undertake repairs or upgrades on your properties prior to selling your portfolio. We purchase properties in any condition in any location. Simply get in touch to start the process and receive your cash offer.

Get a Free Cash Offer

Selling your property portfolio to us doesn’t cost a penny. The process is straightforward: once you accept our cash offer and proceed with the sale, there are no commissions or charges. We cover all legal fees, ensuring that selling your property portfolio for cash remains entirely cost-free.

Get a Free Cash Offer

Upon selling your property portfolio to us, our team will guide you through a smooth and efficient closing process. We handle all necessary paperwork and ensure the secure and timely transfer of funds. If you have any additional questions or concerns, our team is always available to offer guidance and assistance.

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