How Long Do You Have to Declare Subsidence?

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Subsidence is a property problem everybody would like to avoid. It can halt the sale of a house, it can cause significant damage and it can eventually make a house uninhabitable. However, it can be rectified. Those interested in buying your property will have more confidence in completing a purchase if you can provide evidence that the problem is fixed.

Unfortunately, there is no limit on how long you have to declare subsidence. However, if you have been affected by subsidence or made an insurance claim in relation to it, then you must declare it when you are selling.

These days, it is harder and in some cases impossible to sell houses that have ongoing or historical subsidence. The rise of companies that operate as a cash house buyer has helped make it easier for those concerned about selling their subsiding property.

How long does subsidence take to show?

Certain signs may indicate that subsidence is prevalent, you can learn all about those with our guide that covers all you need to know about subsidence. However, it can be a slow-moving process and subsidence could be taking place for years before any of the common signs make themselves known. If at any stage you have reason to believe your house could be subsiding, you should contact experts in subsidence repair.

How long does it take to fix subsidence?

Depending on how extreme it is, the job can take as little as a few days, but could take as long as six weeks. It will all depend on the severity of the problem. An assessment should be able to indicate the expected timespan of the job.

What if I don’t declare subsidence?

If you choose to hide the fact that the property is suffering from subsidence, it will still be uncovered at some stage during the process. This could be through searches carried out by the buyer’s solicitor, there could be physical signs picked up by the surveyor or it could be found when the buyer is looking into insurance and the central database flags it.

What else should I declare when selling a house?

It isn’t just subsidence that you need to make sure you declare. There are a variety of other things in selling a property that must be disclosed. If you don’t, there is the risk of being sued or losing out on a sale altogether. By completing a TA6 form (link to other content), you can ensure that everything required is completed properly and compliantly.

Since 2016, the Consumer Protection Against Unfair Trading Rules (CPR) have been in place meaning that all sellers must divulge all the information that relates to either the good or bad aspects of the property. This allows for a fair and fully transparent sale, where the buyer has all the facts they need in order to make a decision.

What are the things to declare when selling a house?

In order to facilitate the smoothest possible sale, a disclosure of key parts of information will generate your best options of a sale. The TA6 is a 15-page document that will show you exactly what you need to cover. If any answers are falsified or able to be interpreted in a multitude of ways, you could face legal action.

Put simply, if what you have to declare is structural, you should always be disclosing it. This type of disclosure lets the buyer to see that all the correct work has been carried out.

Below is what you typically need to disclose when selling a house in the UK:

  • Any structural changes to the property
  • Disputes over party walls and/or boundaries
  • The presence of Japanese Knotweed
  • If there are neighbours currently holding an ASBO
  • If your property is on a flight path
  • If there has been a violent death on the property
  • If crime levels are particularly high in the area

Being honest will result in a better chance of a sale, and a more realistic chance of achieving the value you hoped for. Hiding things from a potential buyer could result in your property sitting dormant on the market for a very long time.

Selling a house can be a tricky path to navigate. Luckily, we buy any home, meaning that if you have a concern over how your property adheres to any of these requirements, it won’t matter! Whether you have encountered subsidence, live on a flight path or have any problems getting your house on the market, contact us. We can have a cash offer to you and have your house sold within days. Start with a free valuation and see what you think.

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