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Gaffsy FAQs

Below we answer some of our most frequently asked questions. Don’t forget, we are always on hand to help you with other queries. Simply call us on 0207 459 4546 or email

A cash buyer is someone who can buy a property with at their disposal instead of relying on securing a mortgage or a bank loan. This means sales can move much faster because there is no need to get lender approval.

Gaffsy is able to secure quick sales for our customer as we are cash house buyers. We have the funds available to purchase your property straight from you. Avoiding the open market means you can complete in a timeframe that suits you. Get a free cash offer from us today!

As genuine cash buyers we are able to exchange contracts on your property extremely quickly, but we can move as fast or slow as you require. Our team will discuss your personal circumstances with you should you give us the green light to buy your house from you. We offer a sell house fast service so you can benefit from a stress-free sale.

Nothing – you can pull out of the process at any time. All our offers are free with no obligation to accept. So essentially you have nothing to lose! Why not get your free cash offer today and see how we can help you sell your home to us.

We believe in transparency and as such provide a full valuation report backing up our offer with numbers. Get a free cash offer from us today!

100%. Lawyers from both our side and yours will make sure the sale is completely legal and above board, in our entire history we have not had a single legal dispute raised.

We make it clear that we buy any house, in any condition, anywhere in the UK. This extends to commercial premises too. 

Yes, we buy any home in any condition. Just let us know as much as possible so we can ensure our first offer is as accurate as possible.

No, unlike estate agents and some other sell house fast companies there are absolutely no fees involved in our selling process. We will even cover your legal costs when you use a solicitor we provide.

Yes, we have considerable experience in buy and managing tenanted properties and are happy to honour any agreements you have in place with the tenant.

Take a look at our following guides for more information: 

Yes, we can help you stop repossession by stepping in and purchasing your property quickly for cash, we are also able negotiate with the lender on your behalf.

Yes, your credit rating does not affect our offer or our desire to work with you. Get a free cash offer from us today!

We say we can sell your house fast – which we certainly can – but time frames are down to you. We will never rush you out the door and you can dictate how fast or slow you want the process to be. We will always accommodate your dates. 

There are many advantages to selling your property to us rather than through as estate agent: we are able to exchange on your property very fast where as an estate agent can take considerably longer.

Get a free cash offer from us today!

We offer up to 85% of the true market value of your property. Get a free cash offer from us today!

Fantastic! You can get a free cash offer from us online today. Alternatively call our friendly team on 0207 459 4546. 

We are always happy to offer on a property without viewing, although a viewing will often allow us to offer a higher amount with more confidence.

We buy properties within England and Wales. If you have a property in a different location, contact us and we can see how we can help you.

We buy any home in any condition, located in England and Wales. We also buy commercial properties for cash too.

Absolutely not, all you need to do is instruct a UK lawyer, or we can provide one for you. Gaffsy have an extensive track record of transacting with foreign residents.

We can finalise the offer when it suits you. The entire process can be completed quickly but doesn’t have to be – we work to your needs.

Yes, we are based in London but are happy to meet clients in person or over videochat to run them through our process and put them at ease. In these modern times we still truly value human connection in business. Contact us and we can see how we can help you best. 

If you own the property then you do not need anything, our legal team will be able to source the required documents from the land registry and other online resources. If the property has been inherited from a deceased relative you will need to show that probate has been granted. 

You may find these guides helpful:

None at all! All you have to do is agree a price with us, then sit back and let us handle the rest. Get a free cash offer from us today!