What Documents Do I Need to Sell My House?

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When it comes to selling property, there is always so much to think about. Getting finances in order, organising viewings and finding a decent estate agent is just part of the process. Before you even reach that stage though, you will be needing to ensure you have everything ready to take the next steps.

This means getting all the documents together about the property itself and more. With this guide from Gaffsy, your trusted online estate agent, we will take you through everything you need to help you move forward with the aims of selling your house, and ultimately, to help you sell your house fast.

What documents do you need to sell your house?

So, the decision has been made. You want to sell the house and it’s time to get everything in order. One of the first things to find would be the Management Information Pack. Without this, you can’t go much further so before we dive into what else you may need. Let’s check what the MIP is and why it’s so important.

What is the Management Information Pack?

The management information pack is perhaps the document that you need to obtain the earliest. Not just because of the information it includes but because it can take a while to be received. If you currently pay service charges or live in a leasehold property, you will need to obtain the pack. In some instances, it is also known as the Leaseholder Information Pack. You can instruct your solicitor to obtain it for you or you can send off for it yourself. Simply speak to the freeholder or managing agent.

The reason it is so important is that the information included can help secure the sale. Expect to pay around £200 to get one. Just remember-do this first!

Now that you have the management information pack paid for, you can start looking at what else you need to get the sales process moving.

Below are the other documents you need to help get that quick house sale completed.

Property title deeds

These documents are especially important as they show the chain of ownership and therefore that you own the house. If you don’t happen to have them, you can contact the HM land Registry to obtain a digital copy. These will cost you less than £10 but it is advised to give them a similar level of priority as the MIP. This is because it may take a while for the deeds to arrive.

Sometimes though a digital copy doesn’t exist either. This is because property registration only became compulsory in 1990. This would mean the onus is on you to find the actual document itself. If it still can’t be found, you will need to apply for a title absolute which can take significant amounts of time to grant.  You will need to show that you have owned the property for a continuous period of at least 15 years. If you do not fulfil that criteria, you will need to speak to the Land Registry to find the easiest solution.

Proof of ownership

Possibly the easiest step to complete but also one of the easiest to forget. To sell your house not only do you need to prove you own it, but you’ll also need to prove you are whom you say you are.

Proof of identity can come via photographic identification such as a driver’s licence.

To prove your address, simply have a utility bill for the property that has been issued within the past 3 months.

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

You will have obtained an EPC when you bought the property or possibly obtained a new one whilst living there if the original had expired. This will show the interested parties how energy efficient your home is so can be vital in helping secure a sale. You need to be able to present this so you will have to make sure yours is in-date. If it isn’t new EPCs can be organised for about £40.

Fittings and Contents Form (TA10)

Sometimes, when selling a property, you never realise how much stuff you own until you’ve started loading the removal van. There will be some bits you wish you had left behind. Well, you can!

With a TA10 you will detail exactly everything included in the sale of your property. If you have white goods you no longer need, or perhaps have some bits of furniture you no longer require, include them. They could help secure that sale.

Property information form (TA6)

This particular document requires special attention as it will include comprehensive information about the property. Things such as boundaries, any neighbour disputes and much more including information relating to utilities, appliances, warranties, and services. This can be quite time-consuming so this is another document you should get as early as possible and spend considerable time over. An incomplete TA6 can slow down a sale dramatically.

FENSA certificate

If your property has had windows installed since 2002 you will have a FENSA certificate. This isn’t always required but it is better to be prepared and have it to hand. If you have not had new windows or doors installed yourself but the previous owners did, you should seek out the document still.

Mortgage details

If there is a mortgage still on the property, you will need to show how much is outstanding on it. In addition, if any other loans have been secured and registered to the property, you will need to show proof of those too. If there is still a value outstanding on the property, take out an undertaking. This ensures that the money from the sale will clear the mortgage and therefore not leave the new buyer with any liability.

Offer acceptance

You are almost at the end! All of your other paperwork has been collated and is ready for interested parties to look at should they require it. At this stage, you may start getting viewings and offers. Should an offer come in that you accept, your solicitor will draw up an acceptance of offer.

A transfer of deeds will also be signed. At this stage with the sale practically complete, the last thing you may need will be a confirmation of stamp duty if the property is over a certain value.

Now that you have all the relevant paperwork you can start getting that house sold. If you are finding you can’t sell, why not speak to the team at Gaffsy? We buy any home so you are never left waiting for a complicated chain to complete. Operating as cash house buyers means we can give a free cash offer and have you selling that house faster than through the traditional market.

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