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Selling Your House Without an Agent

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Do You Need An Agent To Sell A House?

You don’t need one to sell a house. Whilst it is likely to save you money to sell on your own, as estate agents cannot charge you anything, selling your house privately will cost you time. From advertising your property on your own to consulting with buyers and organising viewings, estate agents do the majority of the legwork in a property sale. Taking this on yourself is not an easy process, and you may be looking at the potential fees and thinking ‘how much?’

If you have a plan in place for the purchase of your next property, it could be beneficial you use cash house buyers, we will look more indepth at that later. Read below to see what you need to do if you are selling without an agent.

Why Sell Your House Without An Agent? Benefits of Selling Your House Without an Agent

Saves you money. If you’re thinking of selling privately, you may be asking how much fees would be. Well, hiring estate agents can be costly. Estate agents can charge 0.75% to 3% of selling price. To put that in real terms, if you are selling your house for £350,000, you will be paying estate agent fees of between £2,625 and £10,500.

Gives you more control. To sell a house as a private seller, you are 100% in control of the sale of your property. There is no reliance on third parties or any waiting around to see how much the agent will value your house at. You get to take things at your own pace, make your own decisions and play the game your way. Selling your house is a big thing to do, and passing that over to a stranger can be daunting. You want to make sure that everything is being done right and that you are aware, every step of the way, such as advertising your property fairly, controlling how much you want to spend on selling, and so forth. As a private seller, you lead your property to potential buyers.

Clarity of communication. By deciding to sell a house privately you are essentially cutting out the middle-man. All conversations are done between yourself, vendors and potential buyers. This way there is nothing lost in translation. Dealing directly with everyone involved gives you ultimate control, nothing is manipulated or reworded for any purpose.

How Can You Sell Privately?

To sell a house privately is an involved process, as estate agents would normally get this all done for you and charge you for it. When advertising your property, you must make sure it is clean, presentable and desirable. Make any necessary improvements to tired-looking aspects of your home, a lick of paint on doors and walls, clean the kitchen. Decide on an acceptable asking price, investigation is the buzzword here; look through websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla to discover what houses like yours are selling for in your area. Research shows that buyers in England are most likely to move between 3 and 6 miles away from their current homes, meaning you will be advertising your property locally. Furthermore, to sell a house privately, you will need to arrange viewings for interested buyers yourself. Speak to them and agree on a time that is convenient to you before they come to see your house. Once a price has been negotiated and agreed upon, you will have to hire a solicitor or conveyancer to finalise the deal.

What Is The Fastest Way To Sell A House Without An Agent?

Selling to cash house buyers is unequivocally the fastest way to sell a home on your own. There are estate agents involved, meaning you are not charged anything to sell your house. You do not need to waste time advertising your property, you just send the company some information about you and your postcode, and they will contact you and handle the rest. How much do these companies charge? They do not charge you anything. It is the only way to 100% guarantee a sale. There are no agent fees to pay, your legal fees are often paid for, with offers realistically being 80% of the market value of your home.

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