Selling Fire Damaged Property

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As well as the potential trauma of losing a lifetime of possessions, a housefire can have a catastrophic effect on the value of your property, and your ability to sell it.

Fire damaged property for sale – your options

When you’ve decided to sell a house after a fire, you have two options about what you do with it:

Restore your property

You can restore your property to market condition and then sell it. If the damage is severe and affects of the structural integrity of the property, then it is possible that the cost of works will be greater than the increase in it’s value after the works. 

Sell your house as-is

Selling your home as-is will relieve you from the burden of restoration. You don’t need to hire contractors or worry about managing the repair process. You also dont have to worry about funding the restoration. A sale to a professional property buyer gives you the chance for a fresh start. 

Sell your fire damaged property to Gaffsy – advantages:

  • You don’t have to worry about managing the repairs to the damaged property.
  • You don’t have to manage the sales process.
  • No commissions paid to agents, and no fees from solicitors or surveyors. 
  • A rapid house sale of your fire damaged property
  • Guaranteed sale at a fair price.

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