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Piggy bank, model house and magnifying glass on property plans

Everything You Need to Know About Gazundering 2022

The property market can be a tough one to traverse. Offers being made that turn
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What Can I Do If My Ex Won’t Sign To Sell House?

A separation, no matter how amicable, will always throw up some uncomfortable moments. Arranging on
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How Can You Avoid Stamp Duty on a Second Home?

The stamp duty holiday is well and truly over. The government assistance programme, launched as
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What is Stamp Duty

When you buy a property or land, you usually pay tax on it. While often
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What Is Negative Equity And What To Do About It?

In This Article Interest-Only Mortgages Moving Home And Negative Equity How To Find Out If
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What Are the Costs of Selling a Home?

In This Article What Costs Are There When Selling a Home?  Who Pays The Stamp
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Hand holding a coin above a model house with stacks of coins to the left

How Much Is My House Worth?

Why Is It Important To Ask The Question, “How Much Is Your House Worth?” The
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What Happens To House Prices In A Recession?

It’s natural for house prices to deteriorate during a recession, just look at what happened during the
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