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Can You Sell a House on eBay?

eBay has long been one of the ecommerce cornerstones of the internet. It has often
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What Can I Do If My Ex Won’t Sign To Sell House?

A separation, no matter how amicable, will always throw up some uncomfortable moments. Arranging on
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What Does Sold STC Mean?

When looking for a property you will often see a reference in the estate agent
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Does Underpinning Devalue Property?

Underpinning a property is not common. However, there are circumstances where it is vital to
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What is Hoarding Disorder?

Hoarding is the deliberate collecting and saving of possessions that hold little or no value.
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How to Sell a Property in the UK if You Live Abroad

Are you living outside of the UK & want to sell your property with minimal
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Do You Have to Have a For Sale Sign?

In bygone times, ‘for sale’ signs were a standard part of marketing a home. However,
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What is a Sitting Tenant and what are Sitting Tenant Rights?

In This Article What Are Sitting Tenants And What Are Their Rights? Who Buys Houses
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What Are Ground Rents?

In This Article What is a Ground Rent? How Long Do Ground Rents Last? How
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When Is The Best Time To Sell A House?

In This Article Is There An Ideal Season For Selling A House? When Do Most
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Regulated Tenancies

In This Article What is a Regulated Tenancy? Fair Rents Help To Pay The Rent
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The Cladding Scandal – What You Need to Know.

In This Article Intervention Arsenal Of Problems ‘The Cladding Scandal’ has affected millions of leaseholders
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