Does a Home Security System Add to Property Value?

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We all strive to increase the value of our homes through various improvements. Sometimes we look at how much value an extension can add, other times a new kitchen, often a loft conversion. But one that we often forget, is how much a security system can not only help increase the feeling of safety at the property but how much it can drive house values upwards.

In this edition of our money matters guides, we look at just how much value a home security system could add to your home.

Figures currently show that you could see as much as £11,000 added to the value of your home with some shrewd investment in home security but in some cases, this could rise even further. It has been reported that in some areas of the country, the difference in value between properties with security systems and those without can be as high as £20,000.

Why do I need a home security system?

This may sound like a daft question to many, especially if you feel you live in a safe neighbourhood. However, data shows that a break-in happens across the UK every 106 seconds. This means 817 per day. Most of the time, the criminals target properties late at night, evading being seen, and no trace of the crime being spotted until the following morning. Most crimes of this nature were found to have happened between 11pm and 6am.

Due to alarming statistics like these, many people are looking at investing in smart tech, alarm systems and cameras to help deter these crimes from taking place on their property. However, the investment in smart tech, whilst useful, is also proving to be a bone of contention for some. 22% of people are concerned that the same tech that could help protect them is also being used to spy on them and as a potentially assist criminals as well as invade privacy.

The market for smart home security is continually rising as people see the benefits it brings to their homes. It is estimated that by 2027, 17.7 million homes will be using some form of smart tech for home security. Well over double the 6 million it currently sits at.

How much is a home security system?

To deliver the added value, as well as the added security, the options are quite broad. For some people, a camera is all they feel is needed, for others, a few lights on timers are all that is required. To deliver a true value increase though, and improve the safety of your household, you may need to look a little deeper.

The size of your property will ultimately be a determining factor in how much you are going to need to spend on home security to deliver added value and security, but for an average UK property, you could be spending up to £2,000. You may also need to factor in monthly charges for any monitoring services etc.

Below, we broke down some of the common additions you could install at your house to help keep you secure and increase the property’s resale value.

Alarm system

An alarm system is often the first port of call for many. The loud siren and flashing lights that they omit are often key deterrents and can either stop burglars trying to break in, or at least alert people to it happening.

In some cases, alarms are linked to a monitoring centre too which can lead to police being dispatched or you being notified of what is happening.

Alarms vary in capability and can cost as little as £100 but can easily reach £1000 or more when you add in the motion sensors, camera capabilities and light sensors.

Security cameras

Along with an alarm, a camera is perhaps the other common feature people look for in a home security system. Again, costs vary quite significantly, depending on your requirements and the number of cameras you may need.

Basic cameras with minimal features are likely to cost less than £50 but more premium models easily cost more than £500. 

Those at the higher end of the price range will feature enhanced zoom capabilities, night vision, alarms, and much better picture definition.  This can be alluring to homebuyers but detrimental to criminals so it can be a huge win both for you and the prospective home buyer.

Smart doorbells

Smart doorbells are an extension of your security camera and act as a great way to further increase security. Recording those that approach your door, and allowing you to watch it live when you are away, this tech can be an affordable way to add some extra security to your home. Prices vary depending on the brand but a system from the popular Ring for example can cost as little as £40 and as much as £150.

Smart lighting

In years gone by, we would plug in a timer that then activates a table light or lamp for example but now, with smart tech almost everywhere, we can simply use our phones or issue a voice command and have lighting come on and go off as we please. The activation of a light can be a hugely beneficial way of deterring thieves. The uncertainty of knowing if someone is in or not could make the difference between a break-in or leaving the property alone altogether. Prices again, vary depending on brand and also the bulb itself, some feature a huge array of colour features whilst others are much more limited. You could look to spend anything from £7 per bulb to £50 per bulb but depending on how many smart bulbs you install, you could also see you needing to invest in a hub and this could range from £20 up to £100.

Additional security features and costs

You can make your home potentially even more secure with things that aren’t even commonly security based. A smart speaker, for example, can start playing music, and a smart TV can be turned on, all adding to the impression that people are in the home. Prices for these will vary but a basic Echo Dot from Amazon for example can cost as little as £20.

You should also look at the potential extra costs the above suggestions may entail. If you want your alarm to be connected to a monitoring centre or you require cloud storage for security camera footage, these all come at a cost. With some items, these features come as standard with no additional charges, however in many cases, you could be asked to pay as much as £50 per month for the benefit.

What can I do to make my home more secure?

The items we mentioned above are a great way to help add security to your home and also help increase its value but if you are not looking to sell, there are still some additional things you can do to help make your home feel more secure.

Invest in cameras

A camera, as we mentioned earlier is a great way to help prevent crime and keep an eye on your home when you can’t. But in some cases, the investment may seem a little expensive. Dummy cameras can often be a great way to deter criminals, the only thing is, some criminals are wise to this and will spot a dummy camera right away and proceed to break in with you having no evidence of who did it.

Add lights to driveways and gardens

Lights not only make the area look more appealing, but they can be a great way to scare off thieves. In some cases, they may be enough to illustrate to thieves that someone is in but in others, the criminal may be more inclined to go elsewhere out of fear that these lights will now show them in a clearer image on CCTV.

Install an alarm

An alarm can not only deter the criminals but will alert the other residents that something has happened. In many cases, the connection to an alarm receiving centre can see the police dispatched and catch the thieves red-handed.

Utilise your smart tech

Making your home look busy is a great way to make a thief second guess themselves. Simply activate your TV, lights, speakers and even heating to make it appear your home is still being lived in when you are away.

Cancel deliveries

If you have a scheduled delivery, it would be best to cancel it. Opportunistic thieves are likely to scope out an area before committing a crime. If they notice the same parcel outside for consecutive days, they may get confident that yours is a property to target.

Secure the outside of the property

A broken fence or an unlocked gate can present a thief with a fresh opportunity to find a way in. Assess your garden and other external areas of the property for broken hinges or loose bolts and secure them to stop people from finding an easy way to slip in. It can be worth considering trellis fencing as due to its structure, it won’t support the weight of the criminal and will collapse, leading to them being more likely spotted.

If you are still worried about crime in your area despite adding a decent security system, perhaps a quick house sale might be an option to consider. At Gaffsy, we work with you to ensure that your property can be sold in a timescale that suits you. In many cases, this can be in as little as seven days. Why not get a free cash offer today? And, remember, we buy any home so, no matter your location, or the condition of the property, we want to hear from you.

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