Box Room Bedroom Ideas That Could Increase Your House Value

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When it comes to selling your home, there are so many things you want to show in the best possible light, but some are perhaps trickier than others.

Your stunning kitchen, your vibrant bathroom, and your landscaped garden can all talk for themselves. But, what about the box room bedroom? The one that is often limited in potential and restricted in its use. Well, rather than letting it become the storage room for unwanted Christmas presents, old memories, or stuff for the tip, how about you give it a refurb that helps give it an additional use or a more desirable appearance? Follow our tips below and sell your house fast.

Box room bedroom layouts

Box rooms, by their nature, are more cramped than the others in your home which can limit what you can do with them, however, plenty of options are available.

Utilise the wall space first. Beds or sofas should run along the wall to give you additional space that could be used much better.

Whilst you are living in the property, this gives the occupant more space and for the potential buyer, it allows them to get a much more realistic vision of the room size. With more floor space to be seen, the room looks less overcrowded.

Consider multi-use furniture

It is very easy to clutter a box room and make it less appealing to those who may want to buy the house. Furnishing it with items that can double up as something else helps give people a better idea of how to use the limited space best.

If the room is being used as a kid’s room, look into a high bed with a desk underneath. This keeps much of the floor free and depending on the age of the child, a bed with stairs is seen as much cooler!

You can also look at the options of a sofa bed. Sofa by day, bed by night! This then gives you a great spare room option!

Foldable tables and headboards as tables are also two great options worth considering.

Utilise natural light

Light can make things bigger, so where there are windows, don’t cover them. Then, to further enhance the room, use lighter colours as the décor. They reflect light rather than absorb it and make for a feeling of much more space. Use this thinking for furniture too as the same effect will also be noticeable. Add some mirrors too where wall space allows, and you can further increase the impression of size through light. Too many mirrors may make things look cluttered so opt for one large feature piece or a small number of them cleverly placed.

Demonstrate multiple storage spaces

Hidden storage can be a huge WOW factor for potential buyers. When they see just how much can be stored in the room without compromising its functionality, pictures begin to build in the mind of just what else can be done with the room. Under-bed storage is always a common solution, but you could also look for beds with inbuilt storage too.

Storage can also be built into the walls to help remove things from the floor. A cabinet on the wall could double up as a mirror and storage too!

Stacked storage

It is very easy to make a box room look overcrowded. Especially if you have lots of belongings and relatively little place to put them. Instead, look into stackable storage. This way you can build up rather than out and keep more of the floor free, creating an impression that the room is perhaps bigger than it is.

Additional uses of a box room that could increase property value

All of the above are great tips for a boxroom being used as a bedroom but you could also look at repurposing the room to help it generate you an even higher property value.

A box room gives you a great opportunity for a walk-in closet. With a variety of hanging spaces, drawers, racks and boxes, your box room can be truly reinvented, freeing up more space in your actual bedroom for other features.

With the current trend for working from home being even more prominent, you could repurpose your box room into an office. This could be a particularly alluring prospect to professionals who need a little quiet space in the home when working.

Could a powder room or cloakroom be of use to you or those who might buy your house? If your home is likely the hub of the social scene among friends or you are trying to sell in an area that is bang on trend, opting for this extra feature could see demand increase. It may cost a bit to have it installed but the increased value should easily cover that!

A playroom or gaming room could be the perfect boxroom benefit for anyone looking to buy a new home. If you have children, a room dedicated to them for their fun and enjoyment will not only keep them out of your hair but could be alluring to families looking for a new home.

Of course, whatever you do with your room, may not fit the market at the time. Choose Gaffsy though and your house sells, no matter what! Why? Because we buy any house. Our team of property experts can have a cash offer to you quickly and should you agree to it, your house can be sold and funds in your account in just seven days!

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