Bank of England Raises Rates: Impact on Mortgages

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The Bank of England have raised the base rate from 4.25% to 4.5% and as a result banks and building societies are adjusting the interest rates to be applied on their current and future mortgages.  The impact on your mortgage rate will depend on what type of mortgage you have.

How will my mortgage be affected by the Bank of England rate rise?

The combination of rising interest rates and inflation is challenging to everyone and with the cost of living continuing to rise homeowners are facing huge financial strains.

If you are due to renegotiate your fixed rate agreement, chances are you will be in for a shock as mortgage rates offered now are more than double the rates available two or three years ago. If you’re close to the end of your current term, you might want to search for a new mortgage deal now as you can usually lock in a mortgage offer three to six months ahead of time.

Below we cover the impact of the rate rise on current mortgage holders.

Fixed Mortgage Rate

If you have a fixed rate mortgage nothing will change as your monthly payments stay the same until the end of your fixed deal.

Tracker Mortgage Rate

If you have a tracker mortgage the interest rate will increase to reflect the base rate change.  Your mortgage company will write to let you know what your new interest rate and monthly payments will be.

Standard Variable Mortgage Rate (SVR)

If you have a standard variable your mortgage company will write to let you know whether the increase in the base rate is going to impact you. SVR is a managed rate not a tracker rate which means that the Bank of England base rate may not always result in a change to the SVR. If your mortgage is affected they will write to tell you how and when this will impact you.

Why does the Bank of England raise interest rates?

The Bank of England raises interest rates for several reasons, which are typically aimed at managing the economy and achieving its monetary policy objectives. The recent rase was an attempt to reduce the UK’s annual inflation rate, which now sits at 10.1% which is well above the target of 2%.

Here are some common reasons for raising interest rates:

  • Controlling inflation
  • Maintaining price stability
  • Managing economic growth
  • Managing exchange rates
  • Addressing financial stability concerns

It’s important to note that the specific reasons for raising interest rates can vary depending on the economic conditions, policy objectives, and central bank’s assessment of the situation.

When will the Bank of England raise interest rates again?

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) regularly meets to assess these factors and make decisions regarding interest rates. Their decisions are based on the most up-to-date economic data and analysis available at the time. These meetings typically occur at regular intervals throughout the year, but the actual timing of rate changes depends on the prevailing economic conditions and the central bank’s assessment of the situation.

Currently, the financial markets are now pricing in that the Bank of England base rate will rise to almost 5% by August 2023.

What could you do next?

Is refinancing an option?

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Are you a landlord?

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